Zalika Khurram

Zalika Khurram


My goal is to make sure that the food offered to students in schools is healthy, nutritious, culturally appropriate and delicious.

The food I distribute to schools is whole wheat, peanut/tree-nut free, halal, and vegetarian friendly.

Being a mom, I also know that when my children start their day off with a healthy snack, they do better in school and come home joyous and active. I believe that it’s time we bring that feeling to all the students of Toronto & Central West Ontario where we live.

I have founded Snax 4 Schools to ensure that schools have easy access to nutritious food, and every child has a healthy snack to start their day so that they can learn, thrive, and play well!

Giving Back

Student volunteer’s hours:

Student volunteers can earn their volunteering hours through our referral and fundraiser programs.

In kind donations to volunteer events:

Snax4Schools believes in giving back to the community by donating in kind to events held in honour of celebrating Student Nutrition Program volunteers annually.

Zalika and her company is so generous to have Giving Back to the local community initiative. As a small business owner, she wants to make sure she’s helping the local community with so much love and care towards kids.

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