Butter-cups by Gaylea- 600/case


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Cream (milk), salt

Nutrition Facts

Per 6.5g / Par 6.5g

● Amount% Daily Value

● Calories 45

● Fat 5g

○ Saturated 3g

+ Trans 0.1g

● Cholesterol 15mg

● Sodium 50mg

● Carbohydrate 0g

○ Fibre 0g0%

○ Sugar 0g

● Proteins 0.1g

● Vitamin A6%

● Vitamin C0%

● Calcium0%

● Iron0%

Made from 100% natural Canadian sweet cream. You can trust Gay Lea's freshly churned butter to deliver the natural flavour your customers expect. Consistent quality. With its firm body and clean, closely knit texture and colour, Gay Lea butter delivers excellent performance time after time. Unmatched versatility. Perfect for baking, spreading, frying, dipping, topping, and cooking; nothing adds flavour like butter. Portion sized 600x6.5g. Gay Lea has made it easy for operators to serve single portions of butter to their customers.